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Photonics at Southampton

An important factor in the quality and expertise of undergraduate teaching lies in the research carried out in the department. Please see the video about our research below.

Research in Photonics at Southampton.pdf

The University of Southampton is known throughout the country as one of the best centres for photonics research with several world firsts and advancements in the field of photonics.

It was at Southampton that the Erbium doped fibre amplifier was first demonstrated. In fact, 30 years ago Southampton was recognised as the leading UK laboratory in optics and photonics and the Engineering Physical Science Research Council selected Southampton to become the UK's Interdisciplinary Research Centre in this field - the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC).

The optics research in Physics & Astronomy provides a vital component of the ORC's research and there continues to be a very productive, and close collaboration and overlap between the research of the Physics Department and the ORC. The ORC is now a world class institution, with over 200 researchers in several different fields within the area of photonics.

In recent years there have been a number of spin-off companies in the field of optical communications emerge from the ORC, providing exciting opportunities and jobs for students.

A laser reflecting in a water tank