Educational laser light show visiting schools across the South


University of Southampton
and Physics and Astronomy

The University and department in which the Light Express Roadshow is based.


A travelling photonics roadshow with hands-on activities for primary school children from the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton.

Exploring the Science of Light

A website by the Optical Society of America promoting optics.

Physics Speakers for Schools

There many members of staff at the University of Southampton - and at our partner SEPnet Universities - who are willing to come out to schools and give talks, demonstrations and presentations on a whole range of physics related topics.

The Mobile Planetarium

The University of Southampton's Astronomy Outreach Site.

The South East Physics Network

Our funder's website - information about Outreach activities at the 7 partner Universities.

Photonics on Wikipedia

Here you'll find a lot of information on photonics

Everything from 'ask an expert' to tables of physical constants to homework help to fun physics and cartoons to reccomended books and an online store.

The Institute of Physics

A simple one-stop shop for any question on physics or ‘the premier internet gateway to physics’.

"There is too much physics information on the web" - This simple statement provided the motivation for the Institute of Physics to launch this web site; a simple one-stop shop for any question on physics or ‘the premier internet gateway to physics’.

Careers in Science information. This website is designed to show you just some of the amazing and unexpected places that studying science, technology, engineering and maths can take you."

The British Association

The BA is a unique nationwide organisation with an open membership, dedicated to the communication and appreciation of science.

The British Association organises National Science Week.